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How we define Resilience

The combination of personal confidence and professional competence is how we define resilience.


Our approach is fully informed and consistent with the Pilot Training Task Force of IATA and with ICAO's Standard Professional Competencies. The model uses the philosophy of preventative Threat and Error Management (TEM) with an evidenced based approach as set out in ICAO PANS TRNG DOC 9868.


Professional Competence

Building Confidence

This corner of the model adopts this familiar approach to focus on how we can build confidence through the use of Personal Countermeasures. Just as flight crews may face pilot threats, they may face personal threats. Just as there may be pilot errors, there may be personal errors. Developing Personal Countermeasures will help flight crews to build confidence.


Building Competence

This corner of our model shows the Threat and Error Management (TEM) philosophy that flight crews all know and use during operational duties. Flight crews employ their Pilot Competencies as countermeasures to keep threats, errors and undesired aircraft states from reducing margins of safety in flight operations. Examples of countermeasures include checklists, briefings, call-outs and SOPs, as well as personal strategies and tactics.


Building Your Career

This corner of the model adopts this familiar approach to focus on how we can develop our careers, making use of Career Countermeasures. Pilots may face career threats and errors that could lead to undesired career states. Developing Career Countermeasures will help flight crews to develop their careers both in and outside of the aviation industry.

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